Initial Phase

The ERC started the development process of the Resuscitation Guidelines 2025. We are highly appreciative of the dedicated individuals in our Steering Committee: Robert Greif, Gavin Perkins, Jerry Nolan, Nikolaos Nikolaou, Theresa Olasveengen, Joyce Yeung, Therese Djärv, Natasa Spartinou, Vix Monnelly, Kasper G. Lauridsen, Koen Monsieurs and Federico Semeraro.

The initial phase will involve the establishment of writing groups and reaching a consensus on the topics to be covered in various chapters. The ERC 2025 evidence-based resuscitation guidelines will be developed using the evidence evaluation process of ILCOR and/or ERC Writing Groups initiated evidence reviews.

The ERC Guidelines 2025 Steering Committee is also excited to announce a new initiative to include the perspectives of cardiac arrest survivor organisations and patient groups in the Guidelines 2025. This step will make the new guidelines more inclusive and more patient-focused addressing the needs of those directly affected by cardiac arrest.

If you are involved with or know of any cardiac arrest survivor or patient organisations, this is how you can help:

- Share your contacts or suggest organisations by reaching out directly to the ERC at [email protected].

- Spread the word by sharing this post in your network.

That helps to create guidelines that truly make a difference for cardiac arrest survivors and patients

Graphical overview of planning